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Public entertainment venue

Public entertainment venue

A public entertainment venue is a place, a building, a temporary structure, or a limited open area in which activities are carried out for an audience of spectators or participants.

The vast and dense topic of legislation differs in terms of different types of “procedures” based on the characteristics of the specific event, such as the audience size, the weather, the type of facilities that are installed and, in a broad sense, also the nature of the event itself (fair, conference, sports event, etc.).

Plant and structure design

To create a public entertainment event, it is necessary to set up structures (ring stages, gazebos) that must have certain requirements or be subject to calculations (for example, the calculation of suspended loads) or be in possession of certain certifications (for example, in the case of self-assembling structures, the presence of annual tests or fire certifications).

Another important element is the systems (usually sound systems), also included in the context of electrical systems that, especially in outdoor and temporary events, need a specific design.

Fire-fighting, safety and security design

All public entertainment events, both large and small, must be set up according to the criteria of the Ministry of the Interior for the protection of the public from the danger deriving from: fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, floods, etc.

The task of the technician is to carry out the calculations and prepare the solutions so that the event takes place in total safety for the participants.

Local health authority procedures and sanitary hygiene

With regard to safety, the professional is also responsible for analysing the health aspects of the event. The hygienic aspects, such as the need for a sufficient quantity of bathrooms with certain characteristics or the forwarding of documentation in the case of the provision, even temporarily, of food and beverages, but also purely sanitary ones, which identify the possible need for sanitary equipment or personnel (ambulances, rescue workers, doctors).

Drafting of bureaucratic procedures

To ensure that the event is in compliance, the drafting of reports and graphic tables, the compilation of models and the presentation of all the material to the bodies responsible for the reception and/or control thereof when analysed by the technician, are necessary. Our firm has the necessary skills to draw up and deliver all the necessary documentation.

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