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Our Firm

Our firm

We are engineers, architects and construction experts, but first and foremost we are a team. We know no other way to work than in teams, combining our skills in order to achieve a single goal.

We like to dream together with the client, imagining what the final result of our journey will be, and we do everything to achieve it, respecting their ideas and agreed deadlines.

We have a technical spirit and work with an analytical approach, but we think that empathy is a fundamental component in order to achieve excellent results. Our support is guaranteed at all stages of the project.

Our team

Here we are, introducing ourselves.


Fabrizio Marchetti

Graduate of the Faculty of Building Engineering and Architecture of the University of L’Aquila.
I came of age professionally in the context of the 2009 post-earthquake reconstruction; I worked with construction and plant companies and with the Hospital of Siena.
In my firm, which was founded in 2011, I deal with architectural design, energy analysis and design, and design of electrical, thermo-hydraulic and air systems.
I have obtained the diploma of CasaClima Consultant, of designer of photovoltaic systems, and of firefighting design, and I am in possession of a site safety coordinator certificate.
As an expert in the design of public entertainment events, I have worked on many major events, as well as museums, multipurpose rooms, and small or medium-sized events.
I am the firm’s project manager.


Sara Bossini

Graduate of the Faculty of Building Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pisa
I am passionate about the energy sector related to residential construction and I deal with design aimed at energy improvement: specifically energy analysis and design, thermo-hydraulic systems, insulation and renewable energies.
I have the site safety coordinator certificate, as well as Expert CasaClima Junior certificate.
I am an engineer whose main qualities are precision, ease in organisation and the ability to work both independently and in teams.


Ilaria Machetti

I graduated in 2009 as a building surveyor, and I continued my studies, obtaining a three-year degree in law.
Precisely because of my training, I call myself the “technical-administrative” member of the group. I have made the design of public shows and events in general my greatest passion.
I am in possession of the site safety coordinator certificate.
Adjectives that describe me: decisive, empathetic and willing to engage.


Alessandra Vagaggini

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence.
I am a young architect who has worked on numerous collaborations with construction and plant engineering companies in the province of Siena and Florence.
Curious and passionate about everything that revolves around the world of architecture, I love working both alone and in teams.
Specifically, I love building renovations and the design of interiors of residential and commercial properties and exhibition spaces.


Francesca Savini

I have worked in the construction sector 15 years and have experience in project execution, alongside the executing companies, of restoration and redevelopment projects, in new constructions in wood, reinforced concrete and steel.
I graduated in engineering and architecture from the faculty of engineering of L’Aquila.
I therefore trained during the 2009 Aquila earthquake and subsequently worked on the Central Italy earthquakes in 2016 in an active way, becoming particularly expert in reconstruction following these disasters, and in public works.