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Integrated design

Integrated design

Our firm offers integrated services in architecture, engineering, energy redevelopment and plant engineering.

This means that if you have to build a house from scratch, renovate a property or modernise your company, we can do it, taking care of every aspect: surveys, construction and architectural design, energy, plant and structural definition.

Integrated design is not an abstract concept, it is a practical and functional way of working. It is a method that allows you to apply an overall vision to the project and to maintain control over the various aspects of the work throughout the implementation process, offering concrete advantages to the customer.

Like part of the project

The project starts with our free site visit, or a detailed initial interview. This is a fundamental moment, because it serves to set an accurate estimate of the technical part and an estimate with respect to the supply, costs, delivery and installation times.

Ultimately it is useful to start on the right foot, comparing economic resources, technical needs and implementation times.

Analysis phase

In the case of an existing building, to be renovated or streamlined for energy efficiency, once the estimate has been approved, the analyses start. These are technical analyses relating to the property, non-destructive analyses relating to the measurements, the materials used and then access to the records, to frame the property from a bureaucratic point of view.

Te execution of the project

Our firm is the single contact for the project: we will be in charge of planning and managing all the activities necessary for the execution of the work, choosing the work group and coordinating the various professionals and companies that will carry out the work from an operational point of view.

This means entrusting the work to professionals who will oversee the project from start to finish, setting deadlines by interfacing with the various actors.

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