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Building design

Building design

Our firm deals with the construction design of new buildings, renovations and recovery of existing buildings.

We follow all the phases: from the first inspection, with the drafting of a feasibility study of the interventions, to the final and executive designs, up to the direction of the works, also dealing with safety on site.

We listen to our customers’ requests and we are committed to satisfying them, always giving our contribution.

Building design and architecture

In every project for which we are commissioned, we always start from our customers’ needs. Through the first briefings we try to intercept their wishes, and to translate them into projects that can fully reflect their needs. We deal with all aspects from an architectural, technological, structural and environmental point of view, putting our knowledge and creativity into practice.

Propoerty restoration and renovation

In most cases we find ourselves operating on existing buildings or individual buildings, for which it is necessary to change their function or characteristics. A careful design involves the analysis first of all of the entire existing building and secondly the wishes of the client, developing the best possibilities to achieve the set goal, so as not to incur unpleasant unforeseen events.

Metric calculations

Once a final idea has been developed, we then quantify the works to be carried out. We do this by detailing the list of processes and materials that we propose to use, in order to be able to request cost estimates from several companies, with the main objective of choosing the most economically and qualitatively advantageous offer.

Bureaucratic procedures

The clients are not the only interlocutors in the construction process: municipalities, provinces, regions, and superintendencies are just some of the parties with whom we interface, both in the design phase and for the request to carry out the works. SCIA (Certified Start of Activity Report), CILA (authenticated communication of the beginning of the modifications), BUILDING PERMIT: we will give precise indications on the type of paperwork that is right for you.

Works management and safety

Once we have reached the construction phase, we actively collaborate with companies, craftsmen and clients in order to be able to carry out what was previously planned in the best possible way and in adequate time. We are convinced that clear communication between the parties is the basis of a perfectly organised construction site.

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