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Plant design

Plant design

The firm deals with projects and works management of plants on behalf of private homes, offices and small or large companies.

Today, an accurate executive design is essential for optimising the use of energy sources.

The design of electrical, hydraulic, thermal and ventilation systems

We deal with the design and management of the works of plants on behalf of homes, commercial funds, bars, restaurants, industries and the service sector. Over the years we have specialised in optimising the use of energy that covers every plant sector.

The correct design of the electrical, photovoltaic, thermo-hydraulic and air treatment systems are the basis for correctly choosing the elements that will make up the system and making it as good as possible to avoid any waste of investment and/or energy.

A concrete example is the design of heat pump systems. A precise design of the power involved and the thermal power system can reduce the property’s electricity consumption by up to 50%.

The design of renewable energy systems: photovoltaic, biomass, wind and heat

Closely related to the design of ordinary systems, systems with renewable sources are also linked to their economic convenience. Our firm deals with the drafting of a business plan with which to evaluate this convenience depending on the individual case.

Each house and each company has a different energy history, which must be listed in the place where it is located. Our work will involve analysing previous energy costs and proposing an improvement solution.

Fire-fighting design

The safety in the field of management of fire-fighting systems is an essential element not only for compliance with current regulations, but also for greater peace of mind in attending places of work, study and leisure.

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